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香氣 ​koki aroma 

Specialized in aromatherapy treatment



Tomoko Maruya
Founder and Licensed Aroma Therapist

北海道札幌生まれ虻田郡倶知安町在住。西洋医学以外の治療法を探し求めアロマセラピーに辿り着き植物の力に魅了され2001年カナダトロント市 The institute of Aromatherapy にてヒーリングエネルギーワーク修了。


2018年素晴らしい精油やチンキ、お茶など販売されているネットショップ"Crystal Tea" との出会いにより植物のエネルギーの高さに感動また効果を実感。世の中の人々とアロマセラピーの効果を分かち合いたく2022年北海道虻田郡倶知安町内にてプライベートサロンを開始

Native to Sapporo, Hokkaido, Tomoko was looking for an alternative method instead of relying on western medication. She strongly believes in the healing power of aromatherapy as she has experienced it for herself first-hand. Since then, she wanted to share this amazing experience with people hence she immersed herself into understanding the world of aromatherapy on a deeper level.


Tomoko is a certified aromatherapist from the institute of aromatherapy in Toronto Canada since 2001. In 2018, Tomoko discovered the online store, “crystal tea” that retails high quality essential oils, tinctures and hydrosol water. Impressed and inspired by its amazing quality and healing benefits, Tomoko hope to share this with the world through her exclusive treatments.


In January 2022, we celebrate the birth of koki aroma, a

space built with love and good energy.  






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I had an amazing oil massage appointment with Tomoko. I could feel my body levitate (in the best way!)and the room was imbued with positive energy that was coming from Tomoko. I was warm, cared for and listened to. As experienced therapist with a deep knowledge of essential oils she guided me through the fascinating collection of oils that she has. After that Tomoko mixed up a personalized essential oils to suit my needs. The massage helped me to relax and after the treatment I felt like a new person. 

  I highly recommend Tomoko. If your looking for someone that knows her stuff stop looking, you found her.


My experience with Tomoko-san's therapeutic energy with aromatherapy treatment was incredible. From the second I entered her treatment space, I was immediately calmed by the soft natural night, impeccably clean space, and soothing music. Tomoko-san began the session with a detoxifying bath salt foot bath and allowed me to choose my essential oils. I selected blood orange and two types of eucalyptus. Tomoko-san customized the blend further with frankincense and a special vega oil. 


The combination of the scents of the oils with Tomoko-san's strong hands made for a truly deep and meditative experience. Her warmth and care put me completely at ease, making for the perfect environment to let go and release what I had been carrying all day -- possibly all month. By the time she made it to my shoulders and head, I had completely left my body and did not return for what seemed like hours (it was closer to 10 minutes). It was the deepest, most relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I awoke refreshed, with clarity of vision and voracious thirst. Tomoko-san welcomed me back to the real world with a refreshing glass of Noroli-infused water and I left lighter and feeling re-energized. 


I can not recommend Tomoko-san's energy with aromatherapy treatment enough. You deserve it. 

- Emily L.


北海道虻田郡倶知安町内 ​Hokkaido Abuta-gun Kutchan town 

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