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My Background



2001年カナダオンタリオ州トロントThe institute of Aromatherapy にてホーリスティックヘルスを学び卒業


アドバンスアロマセラピー、スウェーデン式マッサージ、コスメトロジー(アロマフェイシャル) 、リフレクソロジー、タイマッサージ、食物学、ヒーリングエネルギーワーク修了


トロント市内老舗スパにて従事、日本に帰国後は札幌でプライベートトリートメントを行うがしばらく休止。別荘、イベント会議の管理業を通じて一般社会の仕組みを学ぶ。2018年素晴らしい精油やチンキ、お茶などを扱うネットショップ "Crystal Tea"   との出会いにより改めて植物がもたらしてくれるエネルギーの高さに感動。植物の恩恵を届けるため2022年北海道虻田郡倶知安町内にてプライベートサロンを開始。

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido and reside Kutchan-Niseko. 

Tomoko was graduated from the institute of aromatherapy in Toronto Canada in 2001. Completed advanced aromatherapy, reflexology, cosmetology, reflexology, thai massage, nutrition and healing energy work. 


After working as a therapist at one of the most well-known spa in Toronto a few years, being back to Japan for good. Moved to Niseko area and  joined chalet management as well as conference and events coordination. 


In 2018, Tomoko met “crystal tea” the online store that provides high quality essential oils, tinctures and hydrosol water. Tomoko impressed its amazing quality and been inspired, then decided to introduce these exofrdenary products to clients, setting up a private saloon in Niseko in 2022.


My Approach



koki aroma commits to be a social responsible brand by working with biodynamic oils that derives from organic agriculture. These oils brings many benefits in various ways from recharging your health to awakening your energy. If you’re also a lover of gemstones, you’re in for a treat. The best combination of essential oils and gemstones are met during the therapy to achieve better results. 

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